Firm History

Here is a brief professional history of Martin’s practice:

In private practice since 1973, involving the areas of Probate, Estate Planning, Mediation, Contract Negotiation, Business Formation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bankruptcy, and Income Tax Compliance and preparation.

Admitted to Minnesota Bar (October 1973)

Awarded Certified Public Accountant Certificate (April 1974)

Admitted to U.S. Federal Court (1979)

Admitted to U.S. Tax Court (1979)

Minnesota Bar Association

  • Bankruptcy Section (1984-present)
  • Real Estate Section (1980-present)

Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants (1974-present)

Lecturer: Southern Minnesota Chapter of CPA’s:


  • November 1976: “Administrative Provisions of Tax Reform Act of 1976”
  • June 1977: “Marital Provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1976”
  • December 1978: “Deferred Compensation Changes under the Revenue Act of 1978”

Lecturer: Agricultural and the Law Seminar, CLE May 1978, “Incorporation: How and Why?”

Lecturer/Chairman: Agricultural and the Law Seminar CLE May 1978, “Incorporation: How and Why?”

Lecturer/Chair: Tax Shelters, CLE Fall 1979


  • Estate Planning Institute 1980
  • Co Chair break out session

Lecturer: “Farm Incorporation”, North Dakota Bar Association Annual Meeting, 1981

Lecturer: various community groups including FBS on bankruptcy related topics

Lecturer: Bankruptcy Institute on bankruptcy and taxation issues, 2008

Lecturer: Collection Rights and Procedures, 2010

Arbitrator/Mediator: Assist with Court ordered ADR for Hennepin County as well as private mediation work

Panel Member: West Suburban Mediation Panel (1998-2001): Court Ordered Mediation Hennepin County Conciliation Court

Panel Member: Minneapolis Mediation Panel (2001-Present): Court Ordered Mediation Hennepin County Conciliation Court

Panel Member: Volunteer Attorneys Network-bankruptcy panel

Recipient Raeder Larson Public Service Award-Bankruptcy Section Minnesota Bar Association 2008

Panel Member: Lawyers Referral Information Service (Hennepin County)

Panel Member: Consolidated Legal Corporation-probate, bankruptcy; estate planning

Member Bankruptcy Rules Committee (2009-2010)


Author-“Rev. Rul.76-514, Look Before You Leap” South Dakota Law Review, Vol 24, No. 3, (1979)


Ezaki vs. Bergquist, 181 B.R.385, 1992 WL 698779 D. Min. 11/6/1992
In Re Howard, 307 B.R 659, 2004 WL 769445, Bky D. Minn 4/6/2004
In Re Bame 271 B.R. 354, 2001 WL 1669004, 89 AFTR 2nd 2002-476 Bky D. Minn 12/21/2001
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In Re Ezaki 140 B.R. 747, 1992 WL 110431 Bky D Minn 5/26/1992
In Re Barlage 121 B.R. 352, 1990 WL 185721 Bky D. Minn 11/21/1990
In Re Thomas 1990 WL 62438 Bky D. Minn 5/11/1990
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Metropolitan Lie Ins Co vs. Christison 451 NW 2nd 222, 1990 WL 7664 Minn App 2/6/1990
Ward vs. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co 1989 WL 98704 Minn App 8/29/1989
Metropolitan Life Ins Co, vs. U.S. 874 F 2nd 1234, 1989 WL 48002 C.A 8th (Minn) 2/15/1989
In Re French 127 BR 434, 1991 WL 86195 Bky D Minn 5/23/1991

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